Schiff Responds to Dershowitz’s ‘Very Odd Argument’: Gives Trump ‘Carte Blanche’ to Cheat in the Election

House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) pushed back on Alan Dershowitz’s argument against Donald Trump’s impeachment, saying it gives “carte blanche” to all quid pro quos that are politically advantageous to the president.

On the first day of the Trump impeachment trial’s question and answer phase, Dershowitz argued that all presidents act upon “mixed motives” with their politics, and that if Trump thinks his re-election serves the public interest, then his conduct with Ukraine was not an impeachable quid pro quo. When Schiff was given a chance to respond, he called it a “very odd argument” for a criminal defense lawyer like Dershowitz to make because of the relevancy of Trump’s “corrupt” intent.

“In every corner of America
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