Mike Bloomberg Confuses America With Surreal ‘Big Gay Ice Cream’ Ad

Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire Mike Bloomberg appeared in a bizarre 10-second video Tuesday evening, during which he ate a tiny spoonful of ice cream and declared, “Big Gay Ice Cream is the best!” — shouting out the famed New York City ice cream parlor.

“Where is my ice cream?” Bloomberg questioned at the start of the video, before a tub is handed to him. “Ah, thank you.”

Bloomberg then scooped up a tiny amount of ice cream, put it in his mouth, and declared, “Mmm. Big Gay Ice Cream is the best!”

??️‍?? @biggayicecream pic.twitter.com/ftKPL9oRsy

— Team Bloomberg (@Mike2020) January 29, 2020

The ad truly confounded viewers on Twitter.

“lol, great use of a hundred million dollars,”
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