John Hickenlooper Goes Face to Face With Environmental Activist in Tense Confrontation

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is currently running for Senate against Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, was recorded in a tense confrontation with an environmental activist, this week.

The confrontation began after the activist asked Hickenlooper about “suing” Coloradans “trying to ban fracking in their community.”

“Can you respond to and also apologize for suing Longmont for family voters trying to ban fracking in their community?” asked the activist, as Hickenlooper shouted, “No, no, no,” and then shushed the man.

“Shhh! Hold on, hold on. Don’t shout at me, don’t shout at me,” Hickenlooper continued, as he moved his face near the face of the activist. “Will you listen to me? Will you listen to me?”

“How can we trust you to
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