Cable News Pundits Fawn Over Adam Schiff’s ‘Amazing’ Impeachment Speech: ‘Very Powerful and Forceful’

Cable news pundits swooned over House manager Adam Schiff’s performance at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate Wednesday.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman made waves with his presentation on Wednesday, calling out Republicans for tolerating Trump’s conduct throughout the Ukraine scandal and arguing against the idea that the president acted out of a harmless interest in fighting corruption. When the trial broke for a brief recess period, pundits were asked for their thoughts about Schiff’s performance, and they ended up gushing over the congressman.

Here’s a few of the things people said about Schiff after his remarks were finished:

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin called Schiff’s performance “dazzling”:

I thought it was dazzling. I thought the way he wove
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