GOP Group To Push Ad On Fox News Blasting Ken Starr: ‘Puzzling’ He Was For Clinton Impeachment, But Not Trump’s

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The GOP organization Republicans for the Rule of Law is set to push a new video ad featuring Paul Rosenzweig, former Senior Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation, billing Ken Starr‘s anti-impeachment position of President Donald Trump as “puzzling” when contrasting his position with when Starr once argued for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

On Wednesday the ad will be aired nationally on Fox News channel’s morning show Fox & Friends and on Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Paul Rosenzweig opens the one-minute ad by introducing himself as former Senior Counsel to Ken Starr in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. He then bills Starr’s move to defend President Donald Trump against impeachment as “puzzling.”

“It’s puzzling to me that Judge Starr has joined
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