Dershowitz Argument that Trump Could Let Putin Take Alaska Shows Up in House Brief

At least one individual involved in President Donald Trump’s defense thinks he can’t be impeached—even if he were to intentionally allow foreign armies to conquer and steal U.S. territory?

The shocking claim was made by Harvard Law Professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz in his recent book, The Case Against Impeaching Trump. A verified member of Trump’s impeachment defense team–though he says he’s not a full-fledged member–Dershowitz’s controversial legal argument is now predictably being imputed to the 45th president himself by Democrats.

“Assume [Vladimir] Putin decides to ‘retake’ Alaska, the way he ‘retook’ Crimea,” Dershowitz writes on pages 26 and 27 of his book. “Assume further that a president allows him to do it, because he believed that Russia has a legitimate
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