WATCH: CNN’s Erin Burnett Plays Supercut of Trump Praising, Then Distancing Himself From Problematic Supporters

CNN’s Erin Burnett offered a brutal takedown of President Donald Trump’s dubious claim he doesn’t know indicted supporter Lev Parnas, by playing a supercut of dueling videos where Trump praises and then later professes ignorance about a controversial supporter or ally.

Parnas, who has posted numerous photos and video of himself with Trump, has leveled a series of damning accusations at the president about pushing a shadow operation in Ukraine to damage potential 2020 rival Joe Biden. Pushed to address the blockbuster claims during a press gaggle on Thursday, the president instead repeatedly insisted “I don’t know him” and said that he had no relationship with Parnas.

“[Parnas] says Trump knew exactly, exactly, everything that was going on and
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