Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Boris Epshteyn Joins Trump Campaign to Attack Liberal News Outlets

Boris Epshteyn, Chief Political Commentator at Sinclair Broadcast Group, is now set to play a role in President Donald Trump‘s 2020 campaign by serving on an advisory board.

Epshteyn’s exact role is unclear, but he is billed to be a conservative firebrand that hits back against “fake news,” by being pitched as the voice of conservativism voice on liberal-leaning news outlets.

Epshteyn is notorious for his own journalistic misdeed,  or what he may himself call “fake news,” once claiming that President Barack Obama won in North Carolina due to “illegal voting.”

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Welcome to Boris Epshteyn (@BorisEP), newest member of the Trump 2020 Advisory Board!

Look and listen for Boris on TV and radio as he talks about the successes
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