Dana Perino Absurdly Claims Outrage ‘Always Comes from the Left’ in Talking Vince Vaughn-Trump Meeting

Nearly one full day after Fred Claus star Vince Vaughn shook hands with President Donald Trump at the BCS National Championship game, The Five’s Dana Perino was still talking about the moment as an example of how “outrage, it always comes from the left”—without actually naming a single person on the left who has publicly expressed outrage.

Tuesday began with Fox & Friends kicking off the outrage-over-the-supposed-outrage fest, as host Steve Doocy suggested that the country was on the brink of “civil war” because of liberal anger that Vaughn and Trump shook hands and had a short conversation. As proof of the left-wing outcry, Fox cited a satirical tweet from a Washington Examiner writer.

Later in the day, Fox News guest pundit Jamie Weinstein patiently explained that, in reality, Read more…

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