Vultures Are Pooping All Over Customs and Border Protection and They Can’t Do Their Jobs

There’s a radio tower along the U.S.-Mexico border that belongs to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). But the tower isn’t much use to immigration authorities as of late because it’s consistently being covered in feces and urine from a committee of vultures.

According to a CBP request for information (RFI) issued this week:

[CBP] operates a fixed radio tower at 200 W. Henrietta Ave. Kingsville, TX 78363. A population of approximately 300 vultures have built up and are roosting and nesting on the tower structure on the railings, catwalks, supports, and on rails and conduit throughout. Droppings mixed with urine are on all of these surfaces and throughout the interior of the tower where workers are in contact
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