Cenk Uygur Rips Chuck Todd For Admitting He Was ‘Used’ by Trump Admin: ‘You’re a Patsy’

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The Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur called out NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd for implying he didn’t realize the Trump administration was using his platform to “disseminate” falsehoods in a new interview

In an interview with Rolling Stone this month Todd claimed, “Whether we’d liked it or not, our platform has been used, or they’ve attempted to use our platform to essentially disseminate, or to sort of, what I would say, is lay the groundwork for this.”

“I fully admit, listening to you ask that question now, and me giving you the honest answer of, yeah, I guess I really believed they wouldn’t do this. Just so absurdly naive in hindsight,” Todd continued. “Donald Trump’s entire life
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