Fox’s Kurtz to Ed Henry: ‘Did You All Jump the Gun’ on Home Alone 2 Trump Edit?

You may remember last week when there was some uproar over a CBC television edit of Home Alone 2 that resulted in President Donald Trump’s very brief cameo being cut.

The CBC said that the edited version of the film — which removed other scenes too — first aired in 2014, before Trump ran for president. In the initial coverage of the edit, Fox News’ Ed Henry said, “They claim it’s because they needed to leave room for commercials, that’s the one part, that six or seven seconds they cut.”

He even suggested “Trump Derangement Syndrome” was at play.

Henry spoke with MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz today about the big news — particularly recent impeachment — winding down 2019.

At one point, Henry said, “If
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