Dem Senator Suggests How Acquittal Could Blow Up in Trump’s Face If Impeachment Trial Is ‘Rigged’

A Dem Senator suggested Sunday how a “rigged trial” might blow up in President Donald Trump‘s face.

“We keep hearing President Trump say he’s going to be exonerated,” Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) said on the new episode of This Week. “Look, if you have a rigged trial there is no exoneration in acquittal.”

Trump was impeached Dec. 18 for allegedly abusing power, and obstructing Congress. It was along pretty much a partyline vote, with none of the House GOP voting for the move. Rep. Justin Amash (I-Michigan, 3rd District), a conservative who left the Republican Party amid the impeachment controversy, voted for it.

Now the U.S. Senate is set to decide next year whether to remove Trump. Here’s Van Hollen’s
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