Andrew Cuomo Calls Hanukkah Stabbing ‘Domestic Terrorism’: ‘This Is an American Cancer’

New York governor Andrew Cuomo condemned anti-Semitism as an “epidemic of hate” as he spoke about the Saturday night stabbing attack on five people at a Hanukkah gathering at a rabbi’s home.

Cuomo spoke to CNN’s Martin Savidge after denouncing the attack on Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg’s house as “domestic terrorism” earlier on Sunday. Cuomo said he arrived at that determination because “unless you’re living on another planet, you’re fully aware of what’s going on in this country and the rash of hate crimes that has been going on.”

Cuomo continued to explain that the attack was clearly terrorism since it was a “hate motivated act to instill fear” in Jewish people. “Nobody wants to call it what it is,”
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