CNN Analyst Mocks Calls for Hunter Biden to Testify at Impeachment Trial: What’s Next, Diamond and Silk?

Anchor Kate Bolduan, filling in for Brooke Baldwin on CNN Newsroom Christmas day, asked her panel about the idea, from a Washington Post op-ed, that Democrats should embrace the idea of Republicans to bringing in whatever witnesses they want in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Bolduan’s panelists were not impressed with the idea.

The NBC Think article, which Bolduan described as  dealing with “the chess game of strategy” playing out with the trial, argues that “Democrats should welcome everyone, from Hunter Biden, to former Democratic National Committee staffer Alexandra Chalupa, who Trump and the White House claim was central to a conspiracy around Ukraine and the 2016 elections.”

“There is no real downside” for Sen. Chuck Schumer and the
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