SNL’s Jeanine Pirro Vomits Wine All Over Colin Jost When Confronted With Impeachment Facts

Saturday Night Live brought back Cecily Strong’s boozy Jeanine Pirro for its final episode of the year, where she vomited copious amounts of wine on Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost.

“What a wonderful time of year. To my Christian friends, I want to say, Merry Christmas. And to all of you Jewish and Muslim folks out there, I said Merry Christmas!” Pirro shouted, then saying “Mama only speaks with the same volume as a woman who just lost her child in the Mall of America.”

Jost then asked if she was drunk.

“Colin, please, I just had one glass of wine with dinner,” Pirro replied.

“Okay, and what did you have for dinner?” Jost asked.

“Two bottles of wine,” she said.

Pirro went on
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