Wolf Blitzer Questions McCabe on FISA Court Rebuke of FBI: ‘This Wasn’t Just Sloppiness, These Were Brutal Mistakes’

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer confronted former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe tonight on a stunning excoriation of the FBI from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court following the release of the DOJ IG report last week.

Inspector general Michael Horowitz found a number of serious FBI errors in the Carter Page FISA application process and today the FISA court issued a rare public order telling the bureau to “propose changes in how investigators seek permission for some national security surveillance.”

After Blitzer read part of the blistering statement, McCabe said, “Everyone in the FBI and anyone who reads that report is shocked and horrified by what they’ve seen in the recitation of the 17 errors.”

“Jim Comey says it was sloppiness,” Blitzer
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