Comey Warns That Barr Could Investigate Durham If His Report Doesn’t Back Trump’s Conspiracy Theories: ‘I Wish I Was Joking’

Former FBI Director James Comey called out Attorney General Bill Barr’s response to the just-released DOJ IG report on FISA abuse and warned that US Attorney John Durham might himself face eventual investigation if his upcoming report didn’t corroborate President Donald Trump’s claims about spying on his 2016 campaign.

On Monday, in a highly controversial move, Barr offered a distorted conclusion about the findings of his Justice Department’s own Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, after that report concluded that the 2015–16 FBI investigation of Trump’s ties to Russian election interference was justified and not motivated by personal, political bias.

“I hope he completes whatever he’s doing and offers transparency to the American people,” Comey told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday evening, referring to
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