Dan Abrams Clashes With Law Professor: It’s ‘Nonsensical’ for Dems to Say There’s a ‘Constitutional Duty’ to Impeach

Dan Abrams took shots at both parties over their strategy on the impeachment proceedings, then clashed with a fellow ABC panelist in a fascinating analysis segment.

Speaking during a recess in Monday morning’s House Judiciary hearing, Abrams — the founder of Mediaite and chief legal analyst for ABC News — criticized Republicans for arguing that President Donald Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine over concerns about corruption beyond former Vice President Joe Biden. Abrams noted that not one witness — including those called by Republicans — has testified to broader corruption serving as the president’s motivation.

“That’s the argument they’re making, but there’s no evidence,” Abrams said of Republicans. “There’s no witnesses to back it up.”

Abrams then turned to
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