Bombshell Washington Post  Report on Lies U.S. Told to Continue Afghanistan War Lauded as ‘Pentagon Papers of Our Times’

An explosive Washington Post report on the Afghanistan war is being likened to a modern-day version of the Pentagon Papers for showing how the U.S. government habitually lied about the 18-year-old, $1 trillion conflict to ensure that it continued.

The Post obtained the roughly 2000 pages of documents for the report, which are primarily made up of 400 candid interviews with military leaders, diplomatic experts, and aid workers involved in the war, via the Freedom of Information Act after a three-year-long legal battle with the federal government.

The interviews were carried out by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction for their “Lessons Learned” intuitive; the head of SIGAR concluded that “the American people” were “constantly lied to” about the conflict to
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