CNN’s Dana Bash Confronts Mark Meadows: Would You Care About Ukraine If Biden Wasn’t in the 2020 Race?

CNN’s Dana Bash clashed with Congressman Mark Meadows (R- NC) this morning over Ukraine and whether he’s at all troubled by President Donald Trump’s actions.

“The president asked a leader of foreign country to investigate his political rival, so one simple question to start, is that appropriate?” Bash asked.

Meadows immediately said “he didn’t do that” and went after the Democrats for “making accusations about this president” for years.

He said it’s completely appropriate to make sure that “nothing was done wrong in Ukraine.”

Bash said this isn’t about a DOJ investigation, it’s something the president raised with a foreign leader in a phone call. She brought up critiques of the call raised by other Republicans.

Meadows said they’re wrong and argued, “Let’s
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