Matt Drudge Mocks Dan Bongino’s New ‘Alternative’ to Drudge Report: 😴

The war for clicks is endless online, and in the latest example, The Drudge Report leveled a brutal shot at conservative commentator and radio host-turned-wannabe-aggregator Dan Bongino over his new hoping-to-be-a-competitor site to Matt Drudge’s namesake powerhouse website.

Bongino launched his cleverly named “Bongino Report” this week, announcing it on Twitter as an “alternative” to the Drudge Report, which dominates referral traffic online. The move is motivated by the perception among Trump fans that Drudge has turned against President Donald Trump.

After a few days online, and buzz on #MAGA Twitter conservative websites, Drudge apparently took official notice of the Bongino Report, and took a shot, too.

Trust the plan/hope and change the Bongino Report is live. He used
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