GOP Witness Turley Says Don’t Impeach Trump Because Everyone, Including His Labradoodle, Is Mad

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley argued against impeaching President Donald Trump because everybody, including his own dog, is just too “mad” about stuff, and because the record of Trump’s offenses is too “incomplete.”

On Wednesday, Turley appeared as a GOP witness at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Trump’s impeachment, and included an extended riff about the mad-ness of everyone involved, and everyone not involved.

“We are living in the very period described by Alexander Hamilton, a period of agitated passions,” Turley said, then disappointed the entire world by failing to describe how he would not be throwing away his shot.

Instead, he delivered a patronizing and illogical rant about those passions.

“I get it,” Turley began. “You’re mad. The president’s
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