Late-Night Round-Up: Biden’s ‘No Malarkey’ Bus Tour Gets Mercilessly Mocked: ‘Coming Soon to a Senior Center Near You… Grandpalooza’

Late-night comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah feasted on the “No Malarkey” slogan Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has chose for his Iowa bus tour.

On ABC, Kimmel joked that the anachronistic term previewed a Biden campaign that was “coming to a senior center near you.”

“Who says politicians are out of touch? It’s like grandpalooza is on,” Kimmel snarked, before running a clip of an “informal poll” of Millennials who were asked to define “malarkey”—with predictably befuddled results.

Among the responses to defining “malarkey” were:

“I have no clue.”

“Something weird.”

“Something with art.”

“Does that have to do with different kingdoms or something?”

“I think caucasian people use malarkey, right?”

Finally, someone got it right, when asked “What is malarkey?”

“BULLSHIT!” a young black man fired back.

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