CNN’s Dana Bash Mocks GOP Impeachment Report: ‘Black Is White, Up Is Down…  Just Doesn’t Match With the Reality’

CNN’s Dana Bash pointedly mocked the Republican Party’s just-released impeachment report that strives to absolve President Donald Trump of any misconduct with Ukraine, despite hours of damning White House and national security official testimony: “Black is white, up is down. …It just doesn’t match with the reality that’s in front of our face.”

Bash’s comments came as part of a panel on OutFront, where host Erin Burnett dismantled the GOP’s pro-Trump document, which does not “concede a single point of wrongdoing,” as “ridiculous” that “goes against the facts.”

“Here’s the statement from the president himself, OK?” Burnett noted. “Just to remind people. We don’t even need to go to David Holmes saying he overheard the president saying to [US Ambassador
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