WATCH: Chris Cuomo Rapidly Debunks Four Ukraine Conspiracy Theories Pushed by GOP During Trump Impeachment

CNN’s Chris Cuomo ran through a laundry list of conspiracy theories that Congressional Republicans — and their right-wing media counterparts — have pushed during the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, rapidly debunking their false claims point by point.

In his “Facts First” segment on Wednesday night’s show, Cuomo dismantled four major phony narratives that Trump’s defenders have used to try to excuse or justify the president’s alleged misconduct with respect to Ukraine. These conspiracy theories involve a) a non-existent DNC server and the data security firm CrowdStrike, b) baseless claims about corruption by Joe and Hunter Biden, c) a false, “Black Ledger” of political dirt, and d) the Ukraine ties of former DNC consultant Alexander Chalupa.

“Republicans used the public
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