W. Kamau Bell Says Buttigieg Would Get ‘Less Than 0% of the Black Vote’ In Backlash to Newly Resurfaced Video

CNN host W. Kamau Bell was among those who torched South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg over a resurfaced video from 2011 in which Buttigieg holds forth on the perceived value of education among “kids” from “lower income and minority neighborhoods.”

This weekend, a clip surfaced of Buttigieg speaking about education during the 2011 South Bend, Indiana mayoral race at a forum with other candidates.

After one of the other candidates mentioned mentoring, Buttigieg said “Of course because you know the kids need see evidence education gonna work for them, right? So you see a lot of parts of town where…”

“That’s part of the motivation,” the host interrupts.

“Yeah! Because you’re motivated because you believe that at the
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