Dana Perino Dampens Expectations on DOJ IG’s FISA Abuse Report: ‘Very Underwhelming’ for Trump Supporters

On Fox News’ The Five, Dana Perino tried to dampen expectations about the the much-anticipated Justice Department review of possible FISA abuses in surveilling Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, effectively warning the show’s staunchly pro-Trump audience that the findings “will be underwhelming.”

Perino’s conclusion came after a New York Times story on Friday offered an early look at the watchdog report, which came out Friday. In it, the Times confirms an earlier report that an FBI lawyer doctored evidence used in the FISA application process, which the president then touted on Friday morning’s Fox & Friends and claimed that he thought the abuse “goes to the highest levels.” Instead, the story says that, while the investigation was at times “sloppy” and “unprofessional,” the surveillance of the
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