Fiona Hill Testifies She Told Sondland His ‘Political Errand’ For Trump Was ‘All Going to Blow Up’

The White House’s former top Russia expert Fiona Hill appeared to undermine a key argument defending President Donald Trump’s actions in Ukraine on Thursday, testifying Gordon Sondland was on a “domestic political errand” unknown to other diplomats.

During questioning by GOP counsel Steve Castor, Hill testified she had a “blow-up” with Sondland, the ambassador to the E.U., about his mission in Ukraine. She testified that she found that Sondland was acting on different orders than other diplomats in Ukraine.

“I was actually, to be honest, angry with him many times, and he deflected that on other people,” she said. “What I was angry about was he wasn’t communicating with us. I realized reading his deposition that he was absolutely right.
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