Eric Swalwell Calls Out Shannon Bream For Saying Withheld Ukraine Aid Didn’t Cause Deaths: ‘That is False!’

Fox News’ Shannon Bream and Rep. Eric Swalwell got into a testy back-and-forth during an interview Wednesday night, where Swalwell said Bream wasn’t telling the truth when she claimed Ukrainians didn’t die due to the hold on aid.

“There was no announcement of an investigation, there was nothing that Ukraine did in advance of getting the aid and the conditions for the meetings and those kinds of things, so where does that take you with a quid pro quo argument?” Bream asked Swalwell, referring to an argument from GOP Rep. Jim Jordan.

Swalwell responded by saying that was wrong, saying “the only reason aid was released was because of the whistleblower came forward,” then bringing up Laura Cooper testifying that
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