Michelle Malkin Fired From Conservative Group and Condemned For Backing Alt-Right Holocaust Denier

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin was fired by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), according to a new report, after she supported a Holocaust-denying, far-right activist who has been trying to revive the alt-right as an influential part of the conservative movement.

In recent months, white nationalist, anti-Semitic internet personality Nick Fuentes has drawn attention for leading a group of supporters to disrupt YAF, Turning Point USA, and other conservative events on college campuses. Most recently, Donald Trump Jr. and TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk were heckled off stage at an event where the president’s son was promoting his new book.

The Hill describes Fuentes’ group, known as “Groypers,” as a loose collection of people who believe Kirk are insufficiently right-wing,
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