Watch Mark Meadows Bust Into Panel Segment Like Kool-Aid Man to Insist Republicans Aren’t ‘Struggling’ with Impeachment

North Carolina Republican Congressman Mark Meadows blew past a reporter during a panel segment, then busted back into the frame when he heard her say “Republicans are struggling ” with impeachment.

NBC News correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell pulled one hell of a Jedi mind trick when, in the middle of a panel segment, she tried to get Meadows to speak on-camera as he happened to walk past her on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin, Caldwell had just finished a scrum with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), and was doing a four-box with host Craig Melvin and his  panel when Meadows came strolling by.

“Hold on, we have Mark Meadows right here,” Caldwell said, itself a
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