Rob Reiner Warns About Trump’s Violent Rhetoric: ‘Sociopath’ Trump Will ‘Do Anything to Win’

Award-winning actor and director Rob Reiner sounded the alarm about President Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric, calling Trump a “sociopath” who will “do anything to win” — including ratcheting up the rhetoric.

On Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show, host Dean Obeidallah interviewed Reiner — a frequent and vocal critic of Trump — and asked him about the possibility Trump would escalate his rhetoric during the 202 election.

“Between now and next year, are you worried that Trump is going to really ratchet it up, the rhetoric, to the point of invoking violent imagery?” Obeidallah asked, adding “I mean, during 2016 he said punch the guy in the face.”

During a February 2016 interview, Trump expressed a desire to
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