Obama Dismisses ‘Woke’ Culture, ‘Purity’ Tests as Politically Naive: ‘That’s Not Activism, That’s Not Bringing About Change’

Former President Barack Obama took several not-so-subtle shots at “woke” culture and “purity” tests as both politically naive and ineffective during his foundation’s third annual summit in Chicago: “That’s not activism, that’s not bringing about change.”

CNN’s Don Lemon broadcast a clip on his primetime show of Obama’s talk on Tuesday, in which the former 44th president evoked the 42nd president’s ‘Sister Souljah’ moment, calling out what he perceived as counterproductive, extremist views from the far left.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, “took audience questions and spoke about empowering the next generation of leaders. They also talked about racism and how to be effective political activists,” Lemon said, teeing up the clip.

“This idea of purity
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