Investment & Return of Weddings and Marriages

Men and Women look forward to finding that one special person they would like to share their lives with. Many cultural beliefs rest on the notion that everybody has been created with a soul mate and it is a sacred duty to find that special soul mate to spend the rest of your life with. Wedding vows are a solemn declaration to your spouse that you will be faithful and sincere throughout the peaks and troughs of the marriage.


So what is the difference between a wedding and a marriage? This article intends to explore the difference between the two and how a wedding can truly be made into a lifelong successful marriage.

What is the difference between a Wedding and a Marriage?

The words wedding and marriage are used quite interchangeably as synonyms, but they are not. A wedding refers to the ceremony, celebrating two people publically professing to each other to spend their lives together through good and the hard times. Wedding ceremonies vary across cultures, they usually last from anywhere between one day to weeks of celebrations, including and not exclusive to, a bridal shower, wedding parties, hen and stag nights, reception(s), wedding parties and a honeymoon.

Marriage, on the other hand, is the intention of spending your life with one person. The focus is on the actual relationship, trust, respect and love become synonymised with the spouse.

Should You Invest in a Wedding or a Marriage?

Many couples profess to spend their lives together simply because they’re in love. The wedding day is an occasion where couples invite close family and friends to share in their celebration and quite naturally when one hosts a party the intention is to make it a special occasion for not just themselves but also their guests.

However, once couples enter the planning stage of the wedding they find it becomes quite an arduous affair from securing the venue of choice, choosing flowers, cake tasting, matching napkins and the list goes on. For many couples, planning the day becomes quite stressful, especially if they do not have an exact idea of what they would like. Many couples may start off quite broadly such as wedding venues in Nottingham or its surrounding areas and then work inwardly to the theme, the menu, the atmosphere and so on.

Often the wedding becomes such an expensive affair that it places quite a dent in the couples’ start off-budget. In many cultures, the cost of weddings could pay for a sizeable down payment for their first property. This is realised quite late as couples get carried away in the heat of the moment.


Wedding days can be as simple and inexpensive or as complex and expensive as the couples want but at the end of the day it all comes down to affordability. Would the expense leave long term happy or unhappy memories for the couples? Does the time and money invested into the wedding add to value for the marriage, the desire and drive to strengthen the relationship and make it lasting and permanent?

What is the Resultant Return of a Wedding or a Marriage?

Weddings mark lasting memories for couples, shared with their children and grandchildren. A wedding adds to the value of the relationship but is not the relationship itself. For many people investing time and energy into a marriage strengthens their love for each other, supporting and strengthening each other emotionally, psychologically and socially. Investing in marriage provides friendship and companionship which lasts longer than any wedding period.

Weddings are occasions where family and friends are invited to join in the public profession of the love couples hold for each other. This can range from modest to extravagant affairs. However, the wedding ceremony marks the cementing of marriage and love between two people. Couples have noted that although wedding days should be special and memorable to strengthen the marriage they should not burden the marriage through debt or stress.

It is the decision for couples to make, would they want to invest in a wedding which would last just the duration of the ceremony or the marriage which focusses on the love-bond and has a longer-lasting impact. Weddings are to mark a ceremony whereas marriages are intended to last a lifetime.

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