Caravans, Holiday Homes, AirBnBs. Why Stay In a Hotel Anymore?

With another summer behind us, it’s always interesting to catch up with friends and family regarding their latest travel adventures and the places they have visited on their journey. Even more so, it’s interesting to find out where they stayed as more and more holiday goers choose to forgo the traditional hotel for something a bit different, from AirBnBs (complete with experienced local hosts, bonus adorable pets and experiencing a location in a whole new way) to canal boats, caravans and even the occasional yurt (a semi-permanent tent structure usually set up with kitchen and bathroom facilities). 


Caravan Stays You Never Want to Leave

Caravan holidays are a long-standing tradition of UK holidays, with plenty of variation available on where to stay and the types of facilities that appeal to you. From family-friendly locations with parks, swimming pools, splash parks, sports facilities and evening entertainment to adult-orientated locations that promote elegance and peaceful retreats. 

Normally open from spring through to autumn, caravan holiday parks are a fond favourite for short breaks to week long getaways, so much so, that many people have moved into a permanent static caravan, saving on energy bills and maintenance costs and enjoying scenic surroundings all year long. Only certain locations allow for living in a static caravan in the winter though so if a permanent caravan home appeals to you, make sure to do thorough research before taking the leap. 

Exploring a Yurt Stay

Yurt stays and glamping go hand in hand and have become a popular feature of many UK summer festivals, providing a rustic camping experience with additional luxury facilities including full-size bathroom and kitchen. Allowing you to enjoy a home-away-from-home holiday without spending extra on eating out every day. Yurts are a fairly new camping structure in the UK, based on the living styles of nomads from Central Asia, their popularity has exploded in recent years and today you can book a yurt overlooking rivers, tucked away in peaceful forests or with striking sea views. You can even book a yurt complete with hot tub! – Anyone for a winter yurt break?

Eco-Friendly Holidays with an Eco-Pod

Ditch the plane travel, pack less, reduce, reuse, recycle – all these things can make you more eco-friendly but do you still have to compromise on where you stay to ensure you have an earth-conscious holiday? Not with an environmentally friendly eco-pod! Originally designed as a garden building for creating more space at home, some smart investors saw their potential and started offering eco-pods as holiday accommodations. These cosy little one-room homes are normally fully kitted out with bathrooms and kitchens and are manufactured from eco-friendly materials, insulated with energy efficient materials and can be powered solely by green energy. Perfect for a guilt-free staycation in a beautiful area, find your nearest eco-pod accommodation today! 


Top of the World in a Treehouse

Imagine waking up, wandering out onto the balcony with your morning drink of choice and looking out across a stunning canopy of green, seeing the birds take flight across interrupted sky views and feeling on top of the word. Bring back that child-like wonder and excitement for exploration and adventure with a short stay in treehouse accommodation. Traditionally located on or nearby national parks and nature reserves, a treehouse stay is peaceful, letting you become one with nature and is a stay you’ll be raring to return to once holiday season rolls around again. 

With so much choice and opportunity, isn’t life too short for staring at long-overdue-for-renovation hotel walls? Treat yourself, your family and your loved ones to a holiday accommodation you’ll be telling others about for years to come, or maybe you’ll want to keep your best-kept secret to yourself so you can return year after year! Start planning your next adventure today and choose an accommodation that you’ve never tried before.Shall we start the holiday season countdown? 

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