Ronan Farrow Describes Being Threatened, Spied Upon While Reporting His New Book on #MeToo Media Collusion

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow appeared on CBS’ Late Show and, in discussing his new book Catch and Kill, described how he was both threatened and spied upon during the reporting process.

Speaking with host Stephen Colbert about the corporate media protection racket he uncovered for powerful men accused of #MeToo sexual impropriety, like Donald Trump, Matt Lauer, and Harvey Weinstein, Farrow offered some chilling details about being stalked and then being tipped off by an unknown person who would only give him a code name.

“I was looking over my shoulder a lot. I’m seeing the same guys around, I’m seeing the same cars around my place. I was so sleep deprived at this point,” Farrow explained. “I didn’t know if I was
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