Matt Gaetz Defends GOP Crashing Secured House Impeachment Hearing: Dems Are ‘An Angry Pack of Rabid Hyenas’

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz blasted House Democrats as an “angry pack of rabid hyenas” and claimed their closed-door impeachment hearings were being conducted with “no rules.”

Gaetz lobbed his incendiary claims in a conversation on Fox News with Tucker Carlson that, notably, never addressed the actual testimony given by members of Trump’s own administration about potential White House misconduct in its Ukraine policy. Instead, Carlson started his segment by playing a clip from earlier on Wednesday, when Gaetz and dozens of other House Republicans stormed a secure House Intelligence Committee hearing, ordered pizzas, and temporarily shut down a deposition for five hours in a circus-like political stunt.

“What was the purpose?” Carlson asked, of the stunt.

“We had the audacity to want
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