LISTEN: RNC Spox Tries—and Fails Miserably—to Defend Trump’s Lynching Comment

Republican National Committee spokesperson and former Washington Free Beacon writer Liz Harrington failed to defend President Donald Trump over his controversial claims he’s being “lynched” during an appearance on Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show, Tuesday.

On the topic of President Trump, Benson commented, “And he’s calling the impeachment process a lynching. You going to try to defend that one?”

“Uh, Jerry Nadler said the same thing about Bill Clinton. I mean…” Harrington replied, prompting Benson to ask, “Is that appropriate?”

After dodging the question, Benson questioned again, “Is it appropriate?”

“Was it appropriate for Jerry Nadler to say it?” avoided Harrington, leading Benson to state, “No. No. Okay. So, but hang on. Do you take my answer that it was inappropriate
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