Sen. Mitt Romney Apparently Uses Twitter Alter Ego Named Pierre Delecto: ‘Objectively Terrific Fake Name’

According to a new report from Slate, Sen. Mitt Romney apparently operates an anonymous Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto to monitor political news and commentary.

Slate’s Ashley Feinberg found the account based on details in a long-form profile of Romney by The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins published earlier on Sunday.

“He explained that he uses a secret Twitter account—“What do they call me, a lurker?”—to keep tabs on the political conversation. “I won’t give you the name of it,” he said, but “I’m following 668 people.” Swiping at his tablet, he recited some of the accounts he follows, including journalists, late-night comedians (“What’s his name, the big redhead from Boston?”), and
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