Chuck Todd, David Fahrenthold Bring Up Massive Issues with Trump Holding G7 at Doral: ‘A Security Nightmare’

MSNBC host Chuck Todd and Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold brought up a number of obvious problems with President Donald Trump choosing his own resort as a site for the G-7, calling it a “security nightmare.”

Todd pointed out there’s “major security concerns with Doral.”

“Doral is right on the Miami airport flight paths,” he said. “I think one of my reporters told me there’s like 20 different flight paths that are going to have to be diverted.”

“This is such a security nightmare to put it in the middle of a neighborhood where you’re going to have the neighbors coming and going,” Fahrenthold said, agreeing.

Yesterday, Mick Mulvaney announced Trump would host the annual G-7 Summit at his Trump National Doral
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