Tips For Families Travelling to LA With Young Kids

Are you planning a trip of a lifetime with your family to Los Angeles? If so, you’ve probably saw the photos and feel excited about visiting one of the United States’ most energetic cities. You’ve already booked your flights and perhaps have found the perfect luxury vacation rental in Orange County. But because you’re travelling with your kids, there are a few things you need to prepare for. Below you’ll find our round-up of the top tips for families visiting Los Angeles.

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Flying Across the Atlantic? Prepare for the Flight

If you’re visiting Los Angeles from the United Kingdom or Europe, you need to prepare for a long flight. You can find direct flights from the likes of London and other major cities in Europe. But you may also be forced to take a connection or two. Either way, it’s going to be a long day. Depending on the age of your kids, you may or may not have the chance to fly in business class. And so, you’re going to face an even more uncomfortable journey. Make sure you have all the things that you’ll need for your children in your hand luggage. This includes the essentials, entertainment and your power bank. You can enjoy the on flight entertainment, but it does get a little boring after a while.

Take it Easy on the First Few Days

The first few days are going to feel tough for your kids and for you as a parent. Flying across multiple time zones can mess up your body clock. This leads to jet lag where you feel tired and sluggish all day. You want to sleep at awkward times and wake up in the middle of the night. Almost all travellers experience this at some level. So, it’s best to factor it in now. Don’t plan anything to strenuous or taxing on the first few days. If your accommodation has a pool, spend day one relaxing around it. On day two you can go out to see part of the city and chill out on the beach. You should leave the longer day trips and theme parks until everyone has recovered from the worse of the jet lag. Otherwise, you’re going to face a lot of unnecessary stress which will ruin the start of your vacation.

Get Ready For the Hot Weather

If you like the hot sun and balmy night, you’ll love Los Angeles. The city is blessed with sunshine every five of of six days. And the temperatures rarely dip below the high 20s. While all this might seem like paradise to sun-lovers, the summer temperatures often get extremely hot and uncomfortable. For this reason, you should research the climate before booking your trip. You and your partner will be able to cope with the soaring mercury, but you kids might not. This leads to a lot of complaining, stress and potential tantrums. It also limits what you can do on your trip. For example, when the temperature is over 40 outside, the only thing you can do are indoor activities with air-conditioning. This means you might not get the chance to visit all the theme parks your kids want to go to.

Plan When to Visit the Attractions

Attractions in Los Angeles are far from each other and may involve a two hour drive from one to the next. So, it’s not a good idea to wake up and then decide where to visit for the day. You should spend a few hours planning where to go before you even fly to Los Angeles. Then you can visit the attractions that are near each other and have a more efficient vacation. The second point to consider is avoiding peak times at the attractions. Just imagine turning up at the theme park only to find you have to wait an hour outside just to get inside. If you want to avoid the busiest times, wake up early and arrive as soon as the attraction opens. Most of the other tourists will still be in bed when you’re visiting which will effectively make it feel like you have the place to yourself.

Enjoy Los Angeles Parks and Playgrounds

This tip is more specifically for parents with younger children. The city is packed full of green spaces and play areas for young children. If you plan to visit in the early evening in the cooler air, you can bring a picnic and relax on the grass for a few hours. Or bring a ball to play with your kids. Los Angeles parks are clean, attractive and the perfect place to relax. And they’re also frequented by some of the city’s resident celebrities. So keep your eyes open!

Finally, Don’t Get Frustrated

You might want to have a luxury holiday in Los Angeles. But your kids probably don’t. As a parent and a tourist, you can expect things to go wrong. And it’s your responsibility to make sure that you deal with them smoothly. Otherwise you might have a few tantrums. If you plan carefully and approach your holiday with a cool head, you’re going to have an amazing time. You need to put yourself in your children’s shoes. Flying all the way to California puts a lot of stress on them. Add in the jet lag and the change of climate. Of course they’re going to behave a little different. So when they do start to complain, emphasise with them. If you deal with these situations the smart way, you and your family will have a holiday of a lifetime.

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