Stylistic Variety Arises in Women’s Tennis

These past years, there has been quite a fair share of splendid female tennis players. Women such as Simona Halep, Serena Williams and many others did not fail to show us what they’re made of, and how seriously they take this sport. But even in tennis, times change, and new start arise. Lately, there was no shortage of women that excel at tennis. On the contrary, more and more are making themselves known, each with her own style of playing, which is something people didn’t fail to notice.

Undeniably, a rise in stylistic variety can be a good thing for tennis. The matches would be more spectacular, whereas the players themselves can become known for how they play, not to mention become common choices in tennis betting online. 

Is it the time to see other women lead tennis instead of Serena Williams? Will this style originality change the industry?

People Want Something New

Serena Williams is 37, yet she’s still probably the biggest name in women’s tennis. She’s always able to come in force and show off her amazing skills. But in spite of that, people seem to want something different as times change.

There is quite an audience who wishes there will be a replacement for Serena’s dominant champion spot. Of course, that’s not to say that Williams is not loved by people anymore. They just think it’s time to see other stars shine as well. Serena Williams has accomplished more than pretty much every other player in the field, and people are now thinking whether a replacement would be able to gain just as much as she did or more.

Williams is pretty much an icon of women’s tennis, and she’s made a name for herself. Still, she might be approaching the end of her career, and it’s uncertain whether someone in the current roster is able to surpass her.

Serve-and-Volley Makes Its Way among New Female Tennis Players

Amazing women are joining tennis and qualify to play against big names in this industry. A good example is Taylor Townsend, who got the chance to play against Simona Halep in the US Open. What people noticed was that she had quite a unique style of playing, and one that managed to upset Halep.

She used a style called serve-and-volley, something that’s enough to please the audience and keep them invested. “It’s amazing to see that the tennis community, quote-unquote, is watching and embracing and appreciating something that’s not the norm,” Townsend said.

The serve-and-volley style can be used in such a way that it forces the opponent out of his comfort zone and patterns. Concurrently, it can put on quite a good show too, as it shows how different the players’ styles can be. So, as Townsend was able to use this style, the match with Halep ended in Townsend’s first win over a top-10 player. Also, it was easy to read the emotions on Halep’s face as Townsend was unleashing her amazing movements.

Townsend then talked about the experience in her post-match press conference. “It’s been a long road. A lot of haters, a lot of people who weren’t sure. I mean, I’ve heard it for a really long time that I was never going to make it, that I wasn’t going to be able to break through or do this or do that. Sometimes when you were close, you never quite got over it, it’s always the word ‘talented’ or something like that.”

She also went on to say that she has always been about proving people wrong, although over time she was able to live with what people were throwing at her. “For me, especially over this last year, I’ve kind of like really embraced that, thriving in this kind of conditions, being able to prove people wrong” she said. “I’ve just embraced it and it’s like, This is the person I am. I love it. I thrive in this kind of conditions and I think it showed today.”

Among those who have been impressed by Townsend’s game is a 57-year-old former No. 1 doubles player, Shriver. She used the serve-and-volley style too during her time as a player and is happy to see the trend still being used.

She declared “People have been saying for years that you can’t play that style and win. I always thought they were wrong, but people always said I was biased because that’s how I played. But I do think Taylor is proving a point, and I think other people are proving it, too. I think there’s been a shift in the last couple of years toward more of an all-court style.”

Other Tennis Styles are Emerging

Townsend is not the only one who impressed the audience with her cool techniques. There are other tactics used by players who are able to take the spotlight. For example, trajectory changes, pace changes, as well as a slice off the forehand and backhand can still be techniques people will love to watch.

One amazing example of this is Belinda Bencic. She played against Naomi Osaka from Japan at the U.S. Open and, more than that, she managed to beat her. What tennis fans were impressed with was her ability to pick her attack moments. She was doing it in such a smart way that she was able to win her 10 points at net.

Belinda Bencic is known for her flat-hitting technique, which works amazing when mixed with her opportunist trait. However, she also upset Naomi Osaka due to her abilities. Bencic is someone who would rather move or think ahead instead of going for the kill, which proved to be an effective strategy against Osaka.

Bencic’s career wasn’t always a bright one. It had to suffer because of injuries the player had to deal with, and luckily, she’s now back into the game, and in a glorious way too. This isn’t the first, but the third win Bencic has had over Osaka this year.

And like this wasn’t enough, Osaka was also frustrated as she had to play with a sore knee and had to ask her trainer for a painkiller too. She wasn’t able to train too much due to her pain since she can’t land on her leg that well. But she doesn’t consider it an excuse for her loss either. “I think that’s something I should have overcome in a way. I either should have started playing more aggressively or just tried to hit at a higher length,” she said. “For me, I feel actually better losing here than when I lost in Indian Wells. f course, there’s not a feeling of acceptance, but I feel like I learned a lot from today.”

Aside from Belinda, other great players who managed to impress were Barty, as well as Bianca Andreescu. The latter was skilled and lucky enough to beat Townsend, despite Townsend using her serve-and-volley style and having beaten Halep.

Andreescu is in the Top 20 players, and she was ready to deal with Townsend’s technique. Many agreed that she has the potential to become one of the best, as she is one of the younger players able to handle an all-court game. She probes an opponent first, is taking multiple paces, is searching for the right angle, and so on.

Andreescu was able to “avenge” Halep by beating Taylor Townsend. At the beginning of the match, her first set had a lot of faults. She didn’t manage to properly serve, but she did great at dealing with Townsend whenever she was pressing forward. During the second set, Townsend changed her tactic, which made Andreescu quite confused and angry.

After a long bathroom break, the third set was where Andreescu shifted tactics. She was slicing short and low while lofting more looped balls deep too. Townsend wasn’t able to deal with this challenge. Her serve-and-volley and chip-and-charge techniques were useless against Andreescu’s power. As such, Bianca Andreescu was the one who ended the match victoriously.

Andreescu also knew how to situate herself during the match. She was either one step inside the court, or on the baseline. A lot of her points have been won thanks to the player’s delicately brushed drop shots, which made a good impression.

Final Thoughts

Times are moving fast, and with them, the tennis industry changes too. Players won’t stay the same, and nor will tennis styles. Some styles from the past seem to come back in trend, whereas other players are relying rather on opportunities during the game than going straight for the kill. Taylor Townsend, Belinda Bencic and Bianca Andreescu are only a few examples of women who were able to make themselves known for their playing style.

If you’re a big tennis fan who often engages in live tennis betting, you’ll surely have a blast the more players join the roster. Keep your eyes on women’s tennis and not only, and you’ll be amazed at how many other styles may arise. It will make tennis bets more fun and engaging too.

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