She was a hostess at Trump Tower and ended up being his personal assistant

Madeleine Westerhout

US President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, Madeline Westerhaut, 28, suddenly left the White House for reportedly sharing intimate details about the president’s family.

Without, who has been with Trump since he took office, was forced to resign as executive assistant to the president after Trump learned she had passed on information to reporters at an informal working dinner at which, according to Si-En-En sources, did not mention that her statements were unofficial.

According to the US network, one of the reporters relayed details of the dinner to White House staff.

A former White House official said Trump was close to Westhurth, whose office was opposite the Oval Room, but conveying personal information about his family was a red line.

Her dismissal is another in a series of departures from the US administration and represents the US president’s fight against data leaks from the White House and part of his broader anti-media campaign, Si-En-En said.

Medlin received her bachelor’s degree in political science in 2013. Just four years later, she became one of the key players on Donald Trump’s team.

She began her career as a hostess at Trump Tower, where she welcomed and accompanied important guests and used opportunities to make contacts.

Three years ago, she met her opportunity and became Trump’s personal assistant, which meant that everyone who wanted to get to the president had to do it through her, but also that she was informed of his most intimate secrets.

Because of this, and the physical resemblance to former President Bill Clinton’s mistress, many have dubbed her “the new Monica Levinski.”

Many accused her of drawing Trump’s attention with her looks, not her abilities, but she had worked with politicians before.

She was promoted to director of the Oval Office this year, with an annual salary of $ 145,000.

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