Liverpool is looking for a replacement for Alison

The injury to Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Becker is such that they are thinking of bringing in a new goalkeeper at Enfield.

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Photo by Michael Regan / Getty Images

Photo by Michael Regan / Getty Images

The Brazilian had to leave the field due to an injury to his right leg at the opening of the Premier League and a match with Norwich (4-1) and left the stadium in a wheelchair.

Although the first predictions are expected as to how long it will take to break, it is unofficially mentioned that the Brazilian could spend at least six weeks off the field.

Jirgen Klop confirmed after the match with Noric that it was a leaf injury and that everything was “not looking good”.

It’s a sheet. He couldn’t go on, that’s not a good sign, we’ll see. He certainly won’t play in the Super Cup of Europe on Wednesday with Chelsea. I can say that with great certainty. Did he break something? Maybe, but it doesn’t we can know before scanning , “Klop said.

A chance in the absence of Alison will be given to Adrian, who arrived on the last day of the transition as a replacement for Simon Minjole, who signed a five-year contract with Club Brugge.

Adrian is a good goalkeeper, in this situation you need someone who has played in the league. He is calm, he is good on the ball, it is really important to us. However, we do not want to have only one ready goalkeeper, ” said the German.

This may mean that Liverpool are looking for a short-term solution. As the transfer deadline is already over, Liverpool could only bring in some of the so-called free agents.

The first solution is referred to by Andy Lonergan, who was in Liverpool during the preparations and is currently without a contract.

Also without contract is Michael Worm, who expired with Tottenham, and there is Ali Al Habsi, who is also vacant after the episode with Reading.

Meanwhile, Alison sent a message via social media.

Thank you all for your support messages. I’ll be back as soon as possible and still be strong, ” Alison said.

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