Man filmed climbing down outside of high-rise building to escape fire

A man climbed down the outside of a 19-storey building in Philadelphia in a dramatic escape from a fire that injured four residents and three police officers.

He was captured on film scaling down the side of the building – taking just three minutes to get to the bottom.

The fire at the Holden Tower is believed to have started in a rubbish chute, causing flames to shoot out and spread heavy smoke to all floors of the high-rise.

Man scales down high-rise building to escape fire
Image: The man’s daring escape was caught on camera

Firefighters responded quickly, tackling the blaze from both chute entrances on the fourth and 15th floor.

The blaze was under control in about an hour. All residents were able to escape the building, with some who have mobility issues being carried out by other residents.

Residents were allowed to return to the building later in the evening.

The injured residents and officers were treated for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Source: SKY NEWS

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