Trump accused of running US with ‘white nationalist agenda’

Donald Trump has been accused of leading America with “the agenda of a white nationalist” by four congresswomen he has targeted.

The US president has faced a barrage of criticism for tweets in which he said female Democrat politicians should “go back and help fix” their “broken and crime-infested countries”.

The four women he is believed to have been talking about have given a news conference in which they accused him of human rights abuses, racism and xenophobia and running the “the most corrupt administration in our history”.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar said: “This is the agenda of white nationalists… and now it’s reached the White House.”

Earlier this evening, Mr Trump refused to apologise for his original comments, saying: “If you’re not happy in the US, if you’re complaining all the time, you can leave.”

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Source: SKY NEWS

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