She looks brighter, but also with the choice of partner, leaves breathless

The famous supermodel, Australian model and actress El Mekfirson, has proven that women in the sixth decade of life may look very ecstatic.

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Photo: GettyMark Metcalfe

Photo: GettyMark Metcalfe

Although she is no longer in man-made waters and has two children, she still looks so that every woman would have a vowel. For years, the media has been justified for "The Body".

This time the paparazzi photographed her on a holiday in Thailand enjoying the sun showing her flawless line.

It is indisputable that El looks more than good for her age, but you will be surprised by her turbulent love life.

McPherson and Arpad Busson began a long-standing relationship, which lasted until 2005 until they decided to break. In this connection, El also came to life as a mother.

Prior to Arpada, the popular "The Body" was with the famous Billy Joel, while at the age of 21 she married a French photographer and creative manager of the Elle magazine, Giles Benson, who celebrated her.

The billionaire Jeffrey Sofer was her third big love, and the connection began in early 2009, in March 2012, they decided to split up and everyone started their own way.

Their relationship was restored, after Jeffrey's helicopter accident, when they decided to marry and finally marry in the summer of 2013. But this couple did not last long. At the beginning of 2017 they submitted requests for divorce.

Regardless of the love craze, the former supermodel looks better all the years.

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