IRAN REALIZES THE THIRD "From today we are enhancing the enrichment of the URANIUM"

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Iran has announced that its uranium enrichment program will now pass a 3.6 percent limit, as agreed in the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Iran has announced that after the deadline has expired to Western countries to meet Iran’s request and prevent US sanctions against Iran, Iran will increase uranium enrichment and will continue to reduce its obligations under the agreement every 60 days, according to Reuters.

As Tehran stated, his intention was to save the agreement and that Iran had given enough time to diplomacy.

The diplomatic door is still open, but new initiatives are needed, said Iranian negotiator Abas Araci.

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Zarif: All measures can be withdrawn, Macron condemns Tehran

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said all measures taken by Iran could be withdrawn if European signatories fulfilled their obligations, while French President Emanuel Macron condemned today’s decision by Tehran to increase the level of enrichment of uranium.

Zarif wrote on Twitter that Iran took steps to protect its interests in relation to “American economic terrorism”.

“All such steps can only be withdrawn through the E3 agreement” (nuclear agreement by Iran and the Western powers), Zarif said.

Macron has qualified Iran’s move as a “violation” of the agreement, an unnamed Reuters official said.

“US sent us a warning”

A senior commander of the Iranian elite Revolutionary Guard and head of civil defense, Golamreza Jalali, said the US had issued a warning of a limited attack on Iran after the authorities in Tehran ordered the deployment of an American cruise missile in the Persian Gulf.

It was announced today by the Iranian agency Fars, and Reuters reports.

– After the collapse of the drone that made the collapse, the US sent us through diplomatic agents that they wanted to carry out a limited operation. But Iran’s answer was that we considered every operation at the beginning of the war – said Jalali.

Reuters reminds that Iranian officials on June 21, the day after the drone strike, told the agency that Tehran received a message from US President Donald Trampe, through Oman as a mediator, about following an American attack, according to information from the “New York Times” The White House gave up when the planes were already in the air.

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