Black patient arrested and accused of stealing IV machine on hospital walk

A black man recovering from pneumonia has said he was arrested on suspicion of stealing his IV drip after he left hospital to take a walk on doctors’ orders.

Shaquille Dukes said that when he went outside in his gown a “racist” security guard accused him of “trying to leave the hospital to sell the IV equipment on eBay”.

He said police in Freeport, Illinois, were called and he was arrested for attempted theft of the IV equipment “that was clearly attached to my arm”.

The IV machine is seen next to Mr Dukes in videos of the incident he put on Facebook. Pic: Shaquille Dukes
Image: The IV machine is seen next to Mr Dukes in videos of the incident. Pic: Shaquille Dukes

Mr Dukes said his brother was also arrested and claims police took his inhaler and watched as the IV line was removed “not by a doctor”.

He posted videos of the incident on Facebook and wrote: “I make this post not for pity, but as a beacon of hope for all black and brown minorities dealing with the City of Freeport, we do not have to take this s*** any longer!”

The incident happened on 9 June, but in recent days has attracted national media attention in the US.

Freeport Police Department is understood to be investigating the case but in a statement last month disputed some of Mr Dukes’ claims, saying social media posts contain “inaccurate information”.

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It said three people, including a hospital patient, had been arrested for disorderly conduct during an “interaction” with a hospital security guard.

Police also denied Mr Dukes’ over the removal of his IV drip and said it was taken out at his request by medical staff.

Source: SKY NEWS

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